Hardest Would You Rather Questions – OMG

Hardest Would You Rather Questions – OMG

Hello, guys I actually feel pretty good today.  I feel pretty good and the reason, I say that is because yesterday I was so sick, I felt horrible yesterday was miserable I was I wanted to die but today I feel great. So, today we’re playing some would you rather and I know that this is a little bit old it’s a little bit old but you know I haven’t been seeing very much of it recently and I felt I gotta miss it, I kind of miss it, I kind of want to bring it back. So, I mean I know let me know in the comments if you guys would like to see more of this so anyways let’s get on into it.

 Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather freeze to death in the Arctic or burn to death in the desert?

Wow! that is a very, very violent way to start this. Okay, freeze to death in the Arctic or burn to death in the desert. What would take longer that’s the main question ask really? I feel like freezing isn’t as painful it’s just more uncomfortable so what I rather die uncomfortably or perfect me feel like freezing cut you know I’m gonna do freezing, I’m freezing.


Would You rather play real-life Minecraft or real life Mario Kart?

Oh, oh that’s difficult because real life Minecraft you could get killed by a zombie. There be zombie skeletons the ender dragon there would be way too much really messed up stuff. Whereas Mario Kart at the same time you can get killed. Obviously, Mario Kart because Minecraft would be way more dangerous. So, more people said Mario Kart I think that’s the main reason people would say Mario Kart as cool as it would be to play like to be in real life Minecraft. I think Mario Kart is the safer option there’s just more logical.


Would You rather live forever or never live?

Oh, wow  I’m gonna say live forever because it’s at least something never living you don’t even get to experience anything and I mean that’s like rather something than nothing and I don’t know, I don’t think that like living forever be miserable unless there’s a way to like to make it a little vulgar but to die. I don’t know this is God I’m gonna go live forever Oh 81% Wow okay yeah live forever outside.


Would you rather have a lightsaber or have a helper monkey?

Helper monkey obviously what people said lightsaber obviously I’ve gotta want a helper monkey. A monkey that could just do things for me that would be amazing. I came to a monkey back there I don’t know if you can see him this is a little oh you can just barely see if there’s this little head right there wait this way there we go there’s his little head he’s like in my bed I love my monkey so much my little-stuffed monkey.


Would you rather only drink black coffee or only eat dry cereal?

Only drink but I actually take my coffee black. anyways so I actually put anything my coffee so definitely that one. Wow, people really don’t like black coffee. I actually really like buy coffee that’s uh that’s interesting.


Would you rather live an average life and be forgotten in time or go down in history for something terrible?

Probably just live an average life because I don’t want to be a terrible human being. Yeah, what kind of like ego would you need it to like make sure people knew about you to the point that you do something terrible. There’s a lot of people out there that exist like people get assassinated just for the fact that the person who assassinated them just wants to be famous or infamous, I guess but like that’s messed up man.


Would you rather be a vampire or be a werewolf?

I don’t know because vampires you can’t, you can’t be exposed to the Sun right then you die you turn into a stone or whatever turns into dust something like. Because being a vampire your entire life revolves around the lifestyle of being a vampire whereas a werewolf it only happens once every full moon, which is once a month. You just have to deal with it for like one night and then you’re good so you’ll probably rather be a werewolf. That is a close one well I guess vampires are kind of like cool and romantic but werewolves are also just really cool. So I don’t know about that one.


Would you rather own a horse in the city or own a cat in the country?

Own a cat in the country! what would you do with the horse in the city Plus cats? I am wearing a t-shirt that says I love cats.


Would you rather be attacked by 50 duck-sized horses or be attacked by one horse-sized duck?

I can’t even fathom how many times I’ve heard this question before. I would rather be attacked by 50 duck sized horses because the horse sized duck I feel I could just smash me into pieces. Whereas the 50 duck sized horses like I like kick them or something, I don’t know.


Would you rather light your hands on fire for a mitt or light your feet on fire for a minutes?

My feet because my hands I use my hands for everything. I’m using my hands right now, I’m not using my feet not using my feet.


Would you rather start every sentence with "if&quot or start every sentence with &quote;but&quot?

Oh, this is meant to be okay, this is just really messed up so I said what it’s asking is start every sentence with F or start every sentence with but. So, it could be like hey Dennis would you like to go to the movies today, then I would say if I went to the movies I would have a lot of fun. That would be a good response and then they said hey Dennis we’d like you were in the movies today I would say but the movies are very fun so &but the but I think the but is more confusing. I think I’d rather do if yeah there you go more people at it because butt means that you’re like you’re thinking of something else you’re like yes.


Would you rather meet your idol or be popular at school?

The thing is here’s what I’ll tell you guys is that being popular in school is such a temporary benefit and it’s not even necessarily like a benefit. Here’s the thing is that being popular in school when you’re in school seems like the most important thing in the world and then whenever you’re out of school everything that just happened in the past doesn’t matter at all not even a single bit if something embarrassing happens to you in school. Everyone’s gonna forget about it no one will care if you feel like you’re not popular and you feel like you’re lonely that’s not gonna carry on with you for the rest of your life don’t worry as soon as school ends if you still happen to be like that everyone will forget.

No one will care trust me on that one guy you have to trust me on that one is popular at school isn’t everything and besides, there’s a difference between being popular and having friends. So being popular doesn’t even necessarily mean that you just have a lot of friends. I’ve lost friends before because they wanted to be popular like, I would have one of my best friends and then they decided that they wanted to go be with the popular kids. Who they barely knew but they left me and like I was their best friend at the time they left me to go be with the popular kids so popular being popular doesn’t even necessarily mean you have more friends it just means that you’re all acting like you’re popular like trust me the whole thing of like being popular schools pretty dumb.